First Name :   Margaret
Location :   Mid Missouri
Comment :   Stumbled upon your site while hunting for archives of Yakima/Congdon castle.Am attempting to assemble a scrapbook for 87 yr old fellow, who grew up in Yakima & has fond memories of those years. Your photos are a terrific repository, great composition yet
First Name :   Joyce
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   We love your photos and stories Keep up the good work
First Name :   Penny
Location :   Moxee Wa
Comment :   Very Nice , Ron ,I Love Your Photography.
First Name :   Aprill
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   Love the pictures
First Name :   Kathleen
Location :   Arizona
Comment :   Hello Ron, I found my way here via Fine Art America. Your photos are amazing. Spectacular. My passion is for landscapes and live in a beautiful area also. You certainly do have a gift.
First Name :   Cindy
Location :   Wasilla
Comment :   Ron, You have such a gift for capturing precious memories. This gift is a devine one given to you by God. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. God bless you.
First Name :   McKenzie
Location :   Wasilla AK
Comment :   Great stuff. Love the Sunrise blog.
First Name :   April
Location :   Anchorage
Comment :   Love the pictures. When we get into our new house Ill be shopping for more stuff to hang up. Ill definitely be bugging you for some pictures. Love you guys!!!
First Name :   JoAnne
Location :   Yakima, Washington
Comment :   I recently checked out your updated “fine art” shots. These are fabulous!!! I took up oil painting in the past three years and all these shots look like they are done in oil. What camera are you using now? Do you have to do a lot of editing? Great, Great,
First Name :   Val & John
Location :   Washington State
Comment :   I knew that you were a photographer but never really had a chance to see your work. It is truly amazing and you have a gift! Wish you had taken our wedding pictures.
First Name :   Joe
Location :   Milford, Michigan
Comment :   I am from Sunnyside and I remember those Jeep rallys around Yakima and Topenish from when I was a kid. Great pictures, take me back home.
First Name :   Pat C.
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   Ron, I was running around with your kid brothers Larry and John when you were putting the CJ3B together. Great photos, I was a Jeep Jock at the time of most of these shots.
First Name :   Taylor
Location :   Bothell WA
Comment :   I am a metal detectorist from the Seattle area. I have to say, OUTSTANDING finds! Keep detecting Central Washington, please! Ive been to Yakima and found so many old bottles, from the 40s-70s. Happy hunting!
First Name :   Lynn Richter
Location :   yakima
Comment :   Great shots!!
First Name :   Laura
Location :   ELLENSBURG WA
Comment :   Ron, wow blast from the past. Ill give your webaddress to mom and dad (Larry & Reva) theyll enjoy it!
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