First Name :   Alan
Location :   yakima
Comment :   have been involved in jeeps all my life have been to all the jeep jockeys and ridge runner events as well as Granger and Tri-Cities events. Enjoyed the mud as well as the jeep drags my family built many of the motors that were there, still love the willys
First Name :   Gary
Location :   AZ
Comment :   I used to live right by the Jeep Jockey`s track and used to watch their races
First Name :   Sue
Location :   Sultan, WA
Comment :   Hi, My cousin found your website with a pic of my dad, Mark Gilbert. Saw your other pics from the 70s. What a hoot! Enjoyed your stories too. Please write more or publish!
First Name :   Rex
Location :   Palmer, Ak.
Comment :   Hello, Ron. Are you Ron Day, the photographer in Wasilla? My daughter, Judy, who owns the Bearpaw Archery business spoke of this name as a great photographer. I need some help starting my own photography hobby. My never do much, but I would like to try, a
First Name :   Chris Richter
Location :   yakima
Comment :   Nice pics Ron Im in photo 27 the one on the left ! I was 19 my first mud race !! I was wanting to know if you have more picks ??? Thanks Chris
First Name :   Amanda
Location :   Yakima, WA
Comment :   Ron, I am a close Friend of your brother Larry and his family. I stumbles across this site today when looking for photos of Ahtanum Pioneer Church. I began to look thru your photos they are absolutly amazing. I enjoy photography as well and many times wit
First Name :   Walt
Location :   Kent, WA
Comment :   Great pictures Ron. See you in Yakima with Gary.
First Name :   Will
Location :   Fircrest, WA
Comment :   Hahaha. That was really funny.
First Name :   Ben
Location :   Fircrest
Comment :   Hahahahahah Very funnny
First Name :   Jose
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   Hey Uncle Ron. Just surfing the web and decided I needed to look at your pictures. I tried finding it once before but I had no luck but this time i found it and browsed through it. I also had a question. Do you remember (or have a picture) of the top of A
First Name :   Sara Doyle
Location :   Wasilla
Comment :   Ray, Wonderful photos!!! Im working on the City of Wasilla comp plan - any chance you would share some photos? The 4th of july are perfect! Thanks for posting - let me know if you would consider. Sara
First Name :   john
Location :   georgetown ky
Comment :   I to have the bug to detect every day. The thrill of the hunt excites me the best hobby I ever had thanks for your story
First Name :   Marlon
Location :   Inzlingen, Germany
Comment :   It was very inspiring for me to see you pictures gallery. Very nice to see little bit of everyday in the 70s at this places you had been. My preferred are 32 cents gas station; JasonDay; and the unbelievable ValleyStorm. Congratulations
First Name :   Cindy Jorgenson
Location :   California
Comment :   Ron,I recently looked thru your website and was amazed at your photos My Favorites are of the Aircrafts,then the Family Photos. I plan on Visiting Alaska Next Summer and would love to have pics taken of my family and I in parts of the Scenic sites of Alas
First Name :   Sharon
Location :   Chugiak, Alaska
Comment :   I love your pictures Ron. I was referred to your website by a mutual friend. I will be checking to see if you do Senior Pictures? Thank you for your service and the love of beautiful art.
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