First Name :   Crystal Worman
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   My Dad Kenny Worman is in the Wiley crew pic. He died in a jeep accident up the north fork Tampico 1997. Great to browse through these!
First Name :   Aaron
Location :   spokane
Comment :   grew up in yakima and Ellenburg area.remember my dad taking my brother and i to jeep races in Tampico.Still very much into jeeps.great pics.
First Name :   Brittany
Location :   American Fork, Utah
Comment :   Im 16 years old and film photography has become a hobby/lifestyle for me! i absolutely adore it, and i have an argus c-3 that i am learning to use. i am obsessed with the 60s. i found your website and i adore it, you are awesome and your website gives me
First Name :   Joe
Location :   Bristol, TN
Comment :   I was stationed at McChord AFB from 1969 - Sept, 1972. All that follows is from memory, i.e., subject to error. My roommate Duane and I attended a fantastic jeep race somewhere at a higher elevation than Tacoma, probably in 1971 or 72. The main racing eve
First Name :   Mike
Location :   San Francisc
Comment :   Your gallery is amazing. Really illustrates a moment in time.
First Name :   Errol
Location :   SW Missouri
Comment :   great snaps with a great old camera
First Name :   Val
Location :   Selah Washington
Comment :   I grew up in Yakima and bought my jeep before I got my drivers license. It was a 48 cj2a. I blew the rod bearings afer losing the fan belt so my dad dropped in a small block 283. I spent every dime I made on that jeep, paint, new top, tires and wheels. It
First Name :   Jerry
Location :   Jamaica, NY
Comment :   The pictures are fantastic, hard to believe the megs.
First Name :   Jim Conant
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   Cool hope. Your still at it.
First Name :   Loren
Location :   Yakima
Comment :   Looking for Dan Salis Toyota in the mud races in Tampico
First Name :   Jean Jacques
Location :   France
Comment :   Hello from France I got a Polaroid 600 SE with a 6x7 (cm) roll film back; when making some research on the web, I discovered your website ! Beautiful pictures with your Mamiya ! Congratulations ! Thanks for the technical infos, even if they are for
First Name :   BOB
Location :   YAKIMA
Comment :   NICE PICS
First Name :   jimmy ransier
Location :   wiley city
Comment :   great pics went to all mud races with my family to watch bill parsons race
First Name :   mike argentieri
Location :   santa maria ca
Comment :   like the pics
First Name :   Tony
Location :   Tieton
Comment :   I and my co-driver Bob Tabert will be doing the military convoy in Aug. Bob used to race in Yakima in the 70s. I was always a participant. Great photos.
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